Hi, I'm Joseph.

I am a lecturer in the Bristol Cyber Security group. I make hawaiian shirts. Occasionally my research gets published. I am interested in how people interact with secure systems and code; though I'm also interested in programming languages, approaches to risk, usable computing and design.

If you need to email me you can use my PGP keys.
I was the CyBOK project TeXnician and TeXnical Director.
My work: the Bristol Cyber Security Group.
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My research bibliography.

I have also been involved with the following research projects:

App Guarden
Why Johnny Doesn't Write Secure Software
Decisions and Disruptions
AMoC: Advanced Modelling of Cyber Criminal Careers


I lecture and teach on a number of units and courses at Bristol University, including Software Tools, Systems and Software Security, Computer Systems B, and give Cybersecurity Masterclasses.

Whenever I write my own lectures I try and make them available to all. Lecture slides for everything I teach are available under a permissive license at the link below.

Lectures and Talks

Blog posts

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